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09 October 2022

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First Name : Elders496
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Wen Qingye saw this woman, suddenly felt a burst of familiarity, this person is not someone else, it was Xiao Zuilan who had met in the four domains. Wen Qingye's complexion did not change. He looked at Xiao Zuilan in front of him and raised his eyebrows. "Who are you?" He asked. Now Wen Qingye changed his face, Xiao Zuilan could not recognize him, two people are not relatives, Wen Qingye will not come forward to recognize each other. The most important thing is that Wen Qingye knew that the Xiao Zuilan he saw that day was the second primordial God. He knew that Xiao Zuilan must not be simple, and that Xiao Zuolan was a master of the sorcery clan. Now the sorcery clan swept across the whole nine-day South China Sea with a thunderous momentum. We can't tell whether we are friends or enemies now. Just Wen Qingye also did not think of, unexpectedly meet Xiao Zuilan here. Xiao Zuilan smiled faintly and said, "Have you ever heard of witches?" Wen Qingye pretended not to know. His eyes flashed a trace of brilliance. "Are you a member of the sorcery clan?" He asked. "That's right" Xiao Zuilan walked slowly up to Wen Qingye. He looked at Wen Qingye carefully and said, "Yes, I am Xiao Zuilan of the sorcery clan." Wen Qingye also looked at Xiao Zuilan and said in puzzlement, "The master of the sorcery clan is here. I've come to leave Fire Island. I don't know what to do." "What are you doing?"? No, no, no. Xiao Zuilan laughed and said, "You don't have to worry, and you don't have to be nervous. I came to you this time, mainly to discuss something with you." She had long heard of the name of the holy son of the Fire Sword Sect, and in her heart she was curious about the pride of such a genius, otherwise she would not have come today. Wen Qingye asked,Micro Gear Motor, Oh? What is it? Xiao Zuilan opened his mouth and slowly spit out a few words: "Alliance!" "Alliance?"? With your witches? Wen Qingye laughed. Now we all know that the sorcery clan is the most powerful and most likely to rule the South China Sea for nine days. The three forces of Yan Mai, Chu Jia and Bai Jia are no match for the sorcery clan. If the sorcery clan really frees up their hands, the next target will be the sea clan and the human clan. Do you really think that the three forces of Yan Mai, Chu Jia and Bai Jia are tottering now? When Xiao Zuilan saw Wen Qingye's expression, he immediately knew what Wen Qingye was thinking. He said earnestly, "What you see is just performance. You should know that Yan Mai is the Eldar. The nine-day South China Sea is not important in the fairy world, but it is not unimportant either. How can the Eldar sit back and watch the nine-day South China Sea being occupied by my sorcery clan?" When Wen Qingye heard this, he could not help but move in his heart and said,12v High Torque Motor, "What do you mean?" Xiao Zuilan lightly spat out a heavy news: "Chihiro, one of the three branches of the Eldar, has arrived at Feiyan Island." Chihiro!? Wen Qingye heard Xiao Zuilan's words, eyebrows suddenly wrinkled up, eyes showing a trace of shock color. Chapter 2024 going to the deep sea. Immortal world five clans, spirit clan, human clan, sea clan, sorcery clan, demon clan, these five clans in the top numerous masters, such as the human race, only the four sides of the immortal court and the immortal realm, there are six immortal emperors, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, plus the three sacred mountains and other hidden forces without the shadow of the human race. Among the other tens of thousands of races, there are also top masters, but they are much less than the five races. Compared with other races, the Eldar have more masters, but they are more scattered than the Terrans. The whole fairy world is full of places where the Eldar live. The Eldar is divided into hundreds of branches, of which three branches are powerful, also known as the main vein of the Eldar, which is one of the three main veins of the Eldar. If Chihiro is really involved in the chaos of the South China Sea for nine days, then the South China Sea for nine days is too chaotic. "Chihiro, it seems you know." When Xiao Zuilan saw Wen Qingye frowning slightly, he said, "Chihiro is very powerful, and there are many masters. But if I am a sorcerer, I will be defeated by Chihiro.." Wen Qingye laughed and said, "The sorcery clan is no match for Chihiro. Do you think I believe what you said?" Xiao Zuilan sighed lightly and said, "It's not the whole sorcery clan that entered the South China Sea this time, but our wooden sorcery clan. If there is really a seesaw battle, our wooden sorceries clan is really no match for that one. You know, most of the masters of our wooden witches clan still have to guard the territory of the wooden witches." The news had not spread for a short time, and Xiao Zuilan did not hide it and said it directly. Wen Qing night after listening to the heart suddenly, the original invasion is not all the sorcery clan, but the wood sorcery clan. Rumor has it that among the three thousand gods and demons, twelve gods and demons joined hands to create the sorcery clan, among which the wooden sorcery clan was founded by the ancestor of the wooden sorcery. Xiao Zuilan gazed at Wen Qingye and said, "If Chihiro really repelled my Wooden Witch Clan, and then my Wooden Witch Clan retreated, do you think the Sea Clan in the South China Sea and the forces of your human race can stop them?" Wen Qingye said lightly, "Nanfang Xianting will not sit idly by." "Neither the Southern Immortal Court nor the Eastern Immortal Court will see the Eldar control the South China Sea for nine days, but between them, you will only become their vassal." Xiao Zuilan smiled, not knowing how to feel familiar with the person in front of him, as if he had seen him somewhere, but he did not know where it was. It has to be said that Xiao Zuilan's words expressed Wen Qingye's heart disease. Now when it's time to cut the Gordian knot, when the Southern Xianting and the Eastern Xianting masters rush to the South China Sea for nine days, the situation will not be controlled by Wen Qingye. I think the son is also a wise man, will think well, I will go first. Xiao Zuilan saw Wen Qingye meditating, and did not say anything more, directly turned into a streamer, disappeared in the field of vision of Wen Qingye. It turns out that Xiao Zuilan is a member of the Wooden Witch Clan. Wen Qingye looked at the back of Xiao Zuilan, thought of Xiao Zuilan's words, and secretly said: "If behind the Yan pulse is really a Chihiro pulse, then the wooden witch clan may really be no match." Wood witch clan and Yan pulse, Chu family, Bai family,Brushless Gear Motor, this period of time war, consumption must be a lot, otherwise today Xiao Zuilan's attitude will never be so gentle. The South China Sea is getting more and more lively these nine days. Wen Qingye laughed and then turned and walked towards his residence. .........。 ichgearmotor.com

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