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09 October 2022

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Tuanzi's maternal family is a famous scholarly family. Almost all the people in the family are engaged in education. Mr. Su and the old lady are retired professors of Beijing University. Mr. Su is the honorary president, and his eldest son works in the Education Bureau. The second daughter is the only exotic flower in the family. She went to the military Academy to join the army. Later, she married the eldest of the Mo family, who was born in a military family. The youngest daughter was as rebellious as the eldest daughter. She started a company and became a businessman. Now she is the president of a clothing company. Since the death of the eldest daughter and son-in-law of the old Su family, the atmosphere in the family has not been good for a long time. The old lady wiped her tears every day, thinking that her eldest daughter, who had disappeared at a young age, could not eat well and sleep well. She had thought about whether to bring her granddaughter back to her knees, but it was also the only grandchild of the Mo family, and Mo Guosheng, the stubborn old man, did not agree. Even simply get the granddaughter to his youngest son's knee, since the guardian procedures have been completed, what can they do as a foreign family? The old lady thought about it for a long time and didn't figure it out. It was not easy to catch my breath, thinking about whether to call old man Mo and say hello to him to pick up her granddaughter to live in Su's house for a few days, so that she could kiss and help her poor eldest daughter take care of her little granddaughter. When I called, Mo Guosheng smiled loudly and said, "I said, Comrade Principal Su,artificial grass panels, Yin Yin is not here with me, but with my son. Their father and daughter have a good relationship recently, and they have almost forgotten me as a grandfather." The words sounded sour, and Mr. Su did not want to argue with such a reckless man, so he hung up the phone and told his wife. Old Mrs. Su said, "No, no, no. It's not that you don't know that Mo's boy is cold-hearted. How can he take care of a three-year-old child?" "I'm even more worried about what he said. You call our son and ask him to come back and pick up Guobao to live in our house for a while." As the director of the education Bureau,large palm trees for sale, Su Yan was ordered to run by his mother. When he arrived, Mo Linqing had just brought dumplings to go home. They met at the gate of the community. Su Yan was about forty years old, with the unique elegance of a literati family, and greeted Mo Linqing, his sister's brother-in-law, with a smile. Then he looked at the child with the short hand at his feet. The child was so cute that he blinked his eyes at people. Su Yan said with a smile, "Yin Yin, I'm my uncle. I gave you a red envelope before the Spring Festival. Did Yin Yin forget it?" The child is too young to remember, and Su Yan doesn't care. He deliberately teases the child and says, "They all say they are close to their nephew and uncle, but Yin Yin didn't think about uncle." When Tuanzi heard the word "red envelope", she brightened up. Even if she didn't remember it, she had to pretend to be familiar with it. She waved her hand and said, silk ficus tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, "Remember, it's uncle!" Afraid that my uncle would not believe me, he offered the treasure and said, "So you still remember my uncle's number." Tuanzi's memory was surprisingly good, and he had already recited all the elder phone numbers that Grandpa had given him to complain about. Now it came in handy. Yin Yin took two steps in the same place with his little hands on his back and carried them on his back in a milky voice. Su Yan thought the child was bragging, but she really remembered, even his number was written down. When the uncle thought that the child was really thinking about himself, his heart was weak, or the girl was sweet, no wonder the old saying that nephews and uncles always have some truth. The two bastards he gave birth to were not so close to him, nor did they miss him. When they met, they wanted to be eight feet away, but they were afraid that he would speak. Su Yan bet that the two smelly boys did not remember his cell phone number, if you throw away the phone, do not know where to call. Su Yan explained the purpose of his visit, saying that the old man and the old woman missed their granddaughter and wanted to take the child to the Su family for a few days. Mo Linqing nodded lightly, without the slightest intention of keeping people. Under the constant chatter of dumplings, he paid attention to the Z virus, which was too active and grew very fast, far exceeding the original estimated speed of Mo Linqing. In this case, it is not appropriate to keep the child around. Seeing that he agreed so easily, Su Yan took a good look at the young pharmacognosy prodigy who had become a professor. He was very famous in this circle in the capital from childhood to adulthood, especially when his family was in charge of education. He was even more thunderous to Mo Linqing. In those days, his father's Beijing University had tried his best to fight for him, and he had been talking about missing talents for a long time. Such a person's character is hard to say, but it's hard to say whether he can take care of children. Is it because you don't care about the child, so it doesn't matter who takes the child? Even if Su Yan did not ask so bluntly, his eyes also took some look and scrutiny. "I'll pick up someone in a few days," said Mo Linqing. Hearing this, Su Yan took his niece's small schoolbag and was about to take her away. Can dumplings be so easily taken away by children? Dad didn't leave. Can she leave easily? Chapter 115 Scientific Research Big Brother Dad (5). Su Yan was stunned, his niece hugged Mo Linqing's thigh and looked at him warily, his round eyes like a kitten's. Just now, didn't you call him uncle affectionately? Return his mobile phone number to all recite, listen to want to go with him now, with respect to...?? Tuanzi was a little nervous. She clung to her father's legs with both hands and feet and tried to climb up, saying, "No, no. Yin Yin wants to be with Baba." Su Yan: ".." Mo Linqing lowered his eyebrows and held Tuanzi in his arms. He would not feel uncomfortable if he held him several more times. He naturally held him in his arms and looked at Tuanzi and said, "You should know that he may come out at any time. You should go back with your uncle and pick you up in two days." Mo Linqing seldom spoke for such a long time, and when he spoke, he still felt a little cold in the early winter. Tuanzi has a pair of star eyes. After listening to his father, he held his little fat cheek and said, "Baba's voice is really nice!" Mo Linqing: ".." The nature of the dumpling licking dog was exposed, and he didn't even listen carefully to what his father said. Su Yan pulled the corners of his mouth,faux ficus tree, the Mo family will raise children, look at his niece brainwashed into what kind of children, how can a child be so clingy and inseparable? Not to mention the halfway father. Su Yan never admitted that he was a little jealous. How can an uncle who becomes a father have an uncle. hacartificialtree.com

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